Executive Officers
Jia Johnson, President
Sharon Jernigan, Vice President
Harolynn Wofford, Secretary-Treasurer
Linda Bell, CPA/Accountant
Dave Smulyan, IPP
Carri Boyd
Ron Deramus
Kerri Eickel
Walter Hefner
Stan Lyles
Sue May
Pat Owens
Bhavisha Patel
Linda Potts
Timmi Ross
Chenoa Williams
Junior Main Street Board Members
Ali Johnson, President
Geoffry Williamson, Vice President
Karigan Clay, Treasure
Karlei Friend, Middle School Rep.
Lacey Armstrong
Ryan Turnage
Jaden Jennings
Jackson Armstrong
Kylie Fitzgerald
Erick Morales
Ryan Weeks
Anna Bolen
Sidney Jobe
Elizabeth Surratt
Sariah Weeks
Erin Giddens
Reese Grant
Haley Hefner
Lauren Hefner
Tamiera Jones
Emmaleigh Kendrick
Brasen Raney

A work in progress continues….

Each and every year our volunteers continue to give their time and talents to ensure Idabel’s progress and preservation.

Representatives, of all ages, from the private and public sector are working together to make Idabel Main Street a success. Partnerships with other businesses and organizations are not only welcome they are encouraged.

From new business recruitment to litter clean-up, you’ll find Idabel Main Street members to be some of the most motivated and aggressive volunteers in town. You’ll also find them to be open-minded, inclusive and self-less.

Invest in Idabel today!

Idabel Main Street

P.O. Box 495

Idabel, Oklahoma 74745

(580) 208-2000